Homenaje a Maria

6:18 AM Thursday, September 21, 2017, Santa Olaya, Bayamon, PR, photo by Jan Galligan

The morning after hurricane Maria had passed over the island and our house in Santa Olaya, a small barrio located in the countryside south of Bayamon, we opened the door for the first time thinking to walk around the property and inspect the damage. We were met with this spectacular view, and we marveled at how that cloud, backlit by the rising sun -- looked exactly like the island of Puerto Rico. Was this a harbinger, or an omen? Only time could tell...

posted by Jan Galligan & Lillian Mulero
temporarily in New Orleans, LA
Sunday, November 26, 2017



Ready to mail a package I used Google Maps to "find the post office closest to me" and was given the address for a facility about 1.5 miles from where we are staying. Around 11AM I set off on foot from the house where we are staying, located across from the New Orleans Race Track for that location. It was a long trek, north and west but finally I arrived, only to find it surrounded on all sides by a large fence. It was a huge place, and after walking the perimeter finally at the far corner I found an entrance, only to learn that it was a distribution center, not a regular post office. "Where's the nearest post office," I asked. "North and east of here," I was told. So I set out on foot again to the new location, another mile away.

Along the way I passed Dillard University, a predominately black college founded in the 1930s. I had been told that I would find the post office in a small shopping mall near Elysian Fields, which derives its name from a very large cemetery, above ground like all cemeteries in New Orleans. The original Elysian Fields were in Greece and were the final resting place of "the souls of the heroic and virtuous." I circumnavigated the cemetery, trying to find the post office, stopping at one building in a complex of new multistory buildings. I asked the grounds keeper if they could direct me to the post office. "No habla English," they said. Replying in Spanish, It told them what I was trying to do. "Detras esta edificio," they told me. I headed for the back of the buildings, which turned out to be a gigantic mausoleum complex. Eight buildings, multistoried, that looked like an apartment complex. Compartments for the souls of the heroic and virtuous, I decided. I circumnavigated the complex, and found the shopping mall, but not the post office.

I asked a young guy for help. "I can google it," he told me, taking out his phone. "Never mind", I replied. "I haven't had much luck with google's map today." I plugged on, and finally tucked in a corner behind an auto parts store and Mike's Hardware, I found it. Waiting on line, I decided to photograph a warning sign on the wall. NO DOGS ALLOWED, EXCEPT SEEING-EYE DOGS. I thought it would make a good entry for the Mikey-Sez blog. "NO PHOTOGRAPHS IN THE POSTOFFICE!!!" shouted the woman on duty by the front door. "It's only a sign," I told her. "NO EXCEPTIONS," she directed me. The rest of my transaction at the post office was without incident and then I took the bus back towards where I started. Except, I got the wrong bus -- headed in the right direction but travelling the wrong street. I asked the driver if it went close to the Race Track. "I'll let you know when we get there," he said. I pulled down a route map for the bus and followed along. When we were blocks south of my destination I asked the driver about the Race Track. "GET OFF HERE," he told me. "TAKE THAT BUS ACROSS THE STREET." I did as told, only to watch the other bus pull away. I checked my bus map and decided to hoof it, Now I was near City Park and the New Orleans Museum of Art. I knew the area, west and north of my destination, about a mile away. 6 min. by car, says Google Maps. 45 minutes on foot, I discovered.

Next time, I'll try Uber.



THE NEW YORK TIMES, By Matt Flegenheimer 
MAY 31, 2017

WASHINGTON — And on the 132nd day, just after midnight, President Trump had at last delivered the nation to something approaching unity — in bewilderment, if nothing else.

The state of our union was … covfefe.

The trouble began, as it so often does, on Twitter, in the early minutes of Wednesday morning. Mr. Trump had something to say. Kind of.

“Despite the constant negative press covfefe,” the Twitter post began, at 12:06 a.m., from @realDonaldTrump, the irrepressible internal monologue of his presidency.

And that was that.



Prepared for the eclipse with: Clestron 2X power Sun and Eclipse Observing Kit, notepad and pen, Barrilito.

2:21PM -- Santa Olaya, PR
Scheduled times for onset of eclipse, eclipse maximum, and final moments of eclipse
2:22PM -- Santa Olaya, PR
Viewing the onset with Celestron 2X viewer

2:35PM -- Santa Olaya, PR
Employing homemade reflection viewer -- USPS cardboard mailer, tape, pinhole, second white cardboard

2:55pm -- Santa Olaya,PR
Faced with scattered clouds, decide to drive north to Punta Salinas on the ocean front.
As we say on the island, "The coast is almost always clear."
3:31PM -- arrive Punta Salinas, Campomar
Set up eclipse viewing station outside Restaurante Campomar, order additional Barrilito

3:34PM -- Punta Salinas, Campomar
The moment of maximum coverage of moon over the sun.
"Watch out for cars passing too closely to viewing station ..."
(Note: t-shirt says: "BUMMER")

3:36PM -- Punta Salinas, Campomar
Last moment of maximum coverage
(Note: t-shirt says: "HUSTLE")

4:38PM --  Balenario Punta Salinas
Enjoying last minutes of eclipse, then plenty of time for a swim until sunset



Amazon announced 1500 job openings at their new distribution warehouse in Kenosha. Job fairs and hiring seminars are taking place all week in the new manufacturing, shipping and receiving and light industry park on the western outskirts of the city.. Rumors say that the recently announced impending construction of a large screen television manufacturing facility by Taiwanese electronics giant Foxconn Technology Group could likely be located in Kenosha, next to Amazon,


Possible future site of Foxconn manufacturing facility (right) and Welcome to Kenosha sign (left)