Amazon announced 1500 job openings at their new distribution warehouse in Kenosha. Job fairs and hiring seminars are taking place all week in the new manufacturing, shipping and receiving and light industry park on the western outskirts of the city.. Rumors say that the recently announced impending construction of a large screen television manufacturing facility by Taiwanese electronics giant Foxconn Technology Group could likely be located in Kenosha, next to Amazon,


Possible future site of Foxconn manufacturing facility (right) and Welcome to Kenosha sign (left)

MECA art fair, San Juan, PR -- June 1-4, 2017 acquisitions with links to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Picture caption -  various items from the MECA art fair, on the couch at home in Santa Olaya, PR including: Kim Gordon LESS THAN NOTHING shopping bag (Embajada); his & her T-shirts from Rirkit Tiravanija & Tomas Vu (their GREEN GO HOME project); poster (MECA); books, postcards and announcements (various)

Picture caption -  (DETAILS): Ilan Stavans & Adal, I LOVE MYSELFIE, Duke University Press, 2017; Karlo Andre Ibarra, A VECES SUENO QUE CAI UN METEORITO SOBRE MI PAIS Y LO CONSTRUYE (sometimes I dream that a meteorite fell on my country and rebuilt it), Projecto Local, 2016; SINESTESIA (synthesis), photo exhibit by Arnaldo Cotto, Casa Aboy, summer 2017; JUNTE (join), special project in Adjuntas, PR, summer 2017; OUT OF SPACE,  curated by Andrea Bauza and Melissa M. Ramos Borges for FADS; MULTIMEDIA, Eva Mayha Projects; DOBLE AMARILLO (double yellow) painting by Julio Suarez at Galeria Agustina Ferreyra; MECA art fair poster; New Yorker magazine, May 15, 2017 issue; ESTADIDAD (statehood) informational flyer advocating statehood in the June 11, 2017 plebiscite on status for Puerto Rico, and the PIP (independence) position


At the LHOOQ rooftop party -- credits: surprise and Picasso drawings, Lillian Mulero; fire dance, Maria de Azua; cello accompaniment, Juan Verdera; photos, Betty Kaplan and Hector Mendez Caratini; Duchamp mask printouts Jonathan of O Mart presentation services, Bayamon, PR.

At the LSMFT dinner -- credits: Vito of L'Osteria Decanter bistro, Old San Juan, PR and Lillian (LSMFT) -- Lillian Shows Me Fun Times.

(left to right: Lillian, Peter, Nereida, Annette, Juan, Maria, Jan, Betty, Hector) photo by Vito of L'Osteria.

March 22nd

12:01 AM today marks the 20th anniversary of the presentation of 50 YEARS IN 50 MINUTES, an autobiographical collage of film, video, photos and music, screened at the Spectrum Theater in Albany, NY. With video assistance by Michael Oatman and music soundtrack by J.C. Garrett, it featured a short lecture by the late Dr. John Galivan, biomedical scientist and raconteur.

With a nod to that event, today we present 70 YEARS IN 7 SECONDS, an annotated slide show. 

Photos include:
11 - Public School, 6th grade, Fremont, OH, 1958
18 - "Portrait of my dad in high school" by Lydia Mulero, 1997
25 - Working at Institute for Enzyme Research, Madison, WI, 1972
30 - Mail Art collage for Ray Johnson, Albany, NY, 1977
33 - NOTHING UP MY SLEEVE, Albany, NY 1980
39 - On vacation with Lillian, Vieques, PR 1986, photo by Lydia (not)
42 - Year of the Cornucopia, Albany, NY 1989
52 - With my mother on her 70th birthday, Kenosha, WI 1999
60 - With Lillian's father on the Hudson River, 2007
66 - With Lillian, at that party in San Juan, PR 2013
68 - With Lillian at Lydia's house in New Orleans 2015
69 - Portrait, by Lillian, at Punta Salinas beach, Bayamon, PR 2016